Thursday, May 28, 2009

hai bebeh!!!

everyone, nice meeting you!!!!

ops, b4 dat : assalamualaikum, hihi- yeah i'm a muslim, so peace be upon you- to all muslim out there, and non-muslim as well, hello :)

aiyy~ today, tonight, ops- its morning already kan? ha3~ whatever lah, at this moment, i'm so excited to write my first blog- eceh~ inspired by some of my friends : zuhri, tyco, ili, wowo, belabu, and mirayana: today i decided to create my owh blog. [yes!! i did it!!!!!! :D akhirnya bebeh!!!]

:D coz i'm extremely excited, somehow i couldn't find the right words- hahaha;)
i got tons to share, but let's just save it later: owkeyh? i'm still new bebeh, new and fresh, ceh~ tomorrow masih ade: akan ku lakarkan segalanya di dalam blogku yg terchinta ini~ hahhaha~

to all : slamat berkenalan, sila tunjuk ajar, dan douzo yoroshiku ;)

till then, jyane!!

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