Thursday, February 18, 2010

kerana inilah...

saya rasa malas nak pulang ke rumah...
kalau saya pulang ke rumah, pasti saya busy:

1) bergosip dengan mak saya

2) baca komik-komik terbaru adik saya

3) shopping dengan abang saya

4) online

5) makan tanpa henti (oh no!!!! mahu kurus!!!!!!!)

kerana 5 sebab inilah.. saya malas nak balik rumah...
biarlah saya di kolej..

sendirian, dengan baby Q saya... (baby Q ialah komputer riba saya)

x ape lah..

d e m i m u m a k ! i ' m h e r e ! ! !
mak, i love you~

aduh.. naik lagi la berat badan ku..
aku harus plan something nih..

dont worry peha, i still love you..

chips kat rumah sgt hard 2 resist,
xpe untuk seketika jek i eat chips2 inih..
dont worry peha, i promise u i'll kurangkan pengambilan chips~
n no more stock makanan berunsurkan chips~

dats all,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

latest determination: p.e.h.a

nevva winter, i'll promise you that i wont eat chips anymore. ok, not that drastically, but i'll reduce the intake of chips inside my body. hahaha~
and i'm trying my best to hate chocolate.
choco!!! im sorry!!!!

due to my weight, and the adipose somehow getting bigger especially inside my peha. adohai~~ i am so teringin to adore my own peha, but they are too big to adore!!!! peha, please jadi smaller siket, i would love to adore u and proud of u!!!!

so say no to chips, chocolates and fast foods :(

to cucumbers, tomatoes and ulam-ulaman, i love you guys!!! please make my peha more cantik like one of snsd members~
girls generation Pictures, Images and Photos

peha, i love you and this is why i'm doing this.
stomach, im not torturing you, im just trying my best to have a healthy life [konon kononnye.. ] and support lah your sibling, peha. i want them to be pretty. u too can get the benefit kan~

i can do it, fighting!!!!!!!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

who knows the message CAN make the difference in the life of someone you know

assalamualaikum everyone,

thank you for your willing to read this post.
a friend of mine sent me a mail containing this story and i really think i should share this with you:)


A lovely reminder of the unseen – we call faith. Never forget who
you are! Live an breath in line with who you are.


Tariq Mahmood
Infotech Europe Ltd.
01772856712 (Office)

Every Friday afternoon, after the Jumma services at the Central
Mosque (and shortly after Al-Usrah program), the
Imam and his eleven year old son would go out into their town and
hand out "PATH TO PARADISE" and other
Islamic literature.

This particular and fortunate Friday afternoon, as the time came for
the Imam and his son to go to the streets with their booklets, it was
very cold outside, as well as pouring rain.

The boy bundled up in his warmest and driest clothes and said, 'OK,
dad, I'm ready!'

His 'Mu’allim' dad asked, 'Ready for what?'

'Dad, it's time we gather our tracts together and go out.'

Dad responds, 'Son, it's very cold outside and it's pouring rain.'

The boy gives his dad a surprised look, asking, 'But Dad, aren't
people still going to Hell, even though it's raining?'

Dad answers, 'Son, I am not going out in this weather.'

Despondently, the boy asks, 'Dad, can I go? Please?'

His father hesitated for a moment then said, 'Son, you can go. Here
are the booklets. Be careful son.'

'Thanks, Dad!'

And with that, he was off and out into the rain. This eleven year
old boy walked the streets of the town going door to door and handing
everybody he met in the street a pamphlet or a booklet.

After two hours of walking in the rain, he was soaking, bone-chilled
wet and down to his VERY LAST BOOKLET. He stopped on a corner and looked
for someone to hand a booklet to, but the streets were totally deserted.

Then he turned toward the first home he saw and started up the
sidewalk to the front door and rang the door bell. He rang the bell, but
nobody answered..

He rang it again and again, but still no one answered. He waited but
still no answer.

Finally, this eleven year old da'wah-expert turned to leave, but
something stopped him.

Again, he turned to the door and rang the bell and knocked loudly on
the door with his fist. He waited, something holding him there on the
front porch!

He rang again and this time the door slowly opened.

Standing in the doorway was a very sad-looking elderly lady. She
softly asked, 'What can I do for you, son?' With radiant eyes and a
smile that lit up her world, this little boy said, 'Ma'am, I'm sorry if
I disturbed you, but I just want to tell you that “ALLAH REALLY LOVE AND
CARE FOR YOU” and I came to give you my very last booklet which will
tell you all about God, the real purpose of creation, and how to achieve
His pleasure.'

With that, he handed her his last booklet and turned to leave..

She called to him as he departed. 'Thank you, son! And God Bless

Well, the following Friday afternoon after Jumat service (during
which period they hold a weekly program, Al-Usrah) the Imam was giving
some lectures. As he concludes the lectures, he asked, 'Does anybody
have questions or want to say anything?'

Slowly, in the back row among the ladies, an elderly voice was heard
over the speaker. As the voice went on, a hint of glorious gaiety and
contentment was plainly evident in it even though it wasn't to be seen,
'No one in this gathering knows me. I've never been here before. You
see, before last Friday I was not a Muslim, and thought I could be. My
husband passed away some time ago, leaving me totally alone in this
world. Last Friday, being a particularly cold and rainy day, it was even
more so in my heart that I came to the end of the line where I no longer
had any hope or will to live.

So I took a rope and a chair and ascended the stairway into the
attic of my home. I fastened the rope securely to a rafter in the roof
then stood on the chair and fastened the other end ofto leap off, when suddenly the loud ringing of my doorbell downstairs
startled me. I thought, I'll wait a minute, and whoever it is will go

I waited and waited, but the ringing doorbell seemed to get louder
and more insistent, and then the person ringing also started knocking
loudly...... ......

I thought to myself again, 'Who on earth could this be? Nobody ever
rings my bell or comes to see me.' I loosened the rope from my neck and
started for the front door, all the while the bell rang louder and

When I opened the door and looked I could hardly believe my eyes,
for there on my front porch was the most radiant and angelic little boy
I had ever seen in my life. His SMILE, oh, I could never describe it to
you! The words that came from his mouth caused my heart that had long
been dead TO LEAP TO LIFE as he exclaimed with a cherub-like voice,
'Ma'am, I just came to tell you that ALLAH REALLY LOVE AND CARE FOR

Then he gave me this booklet, “Path To Paradise” that I now hold in
my hand.

As the little angel disappeared back out into the cold and rain, I
closed my door and read slowly every word of this book. Then I went up
to my attic to get my rope and chair. I wouldn't be needing them

You see? I am now a Happy Vicegerent of the One True God. Since the
address of your congregation was stamped on the back of this booklet, I
have come here to personally say THANK YOU to God's little angel who
came just in the nick of time and by so doing, spared my soul from an
eternity in Hell.'

There was not a dry eye in the mosque. And as shouts of TAKBIR!!!
ALLAH AKBAR!!! rented the air, even among the ladies.

Imam-Dad descended from the pulpit to the front row where the little
angel was seated....

He took his son in his arms and sobbed uncontrollably.

Probably no jama'at has had a more glorious moment, and probably
this universe has never seen a Papa that was more filled with love and
honor for his son....... Except for One. This very one...

Blessed are your eyes for reading this message.

Don't let this message die, read it again and pass it to others.
Heaven is for HIS people!
Remember, Allah's message CAN make the difference in the life of
someone you know.
Please share this wonderful message.

Spread HIS Word, help HIM and you'll see HIS hand in everything you