Wednesday, October 21, 2009

kejutkan aku

finals coming, i tried my best to stay awake last night.. usually my eyes can tahan till 3, tapi they feel tired earlier than usual, my mata cannot tahan anymore..

after bace2 menelaah2 our killer subject: pharmaceutic, i suddenly remembered> my bel [english] homework x siap lagi~ what to do? bukak la the text book, try my best 2 finish it~

aiyak, my back was so pain-fool [berusehe kuat sgt, dok ats meja 2 lame~ sakit pinggang- adoii~] i change my direction ke katilku yg chantik [like her owner- hehe] i bawak along my laptop yg chomel[cam owner dye gak-] 2gether with my textbook~

berusehe2~ do my best~ ....... minutes later my homework pon finished.
wah~~ so best~
aiyak.. i feel so ngantok~


then tidoqlah minah spek nie~ but before dye tidoq dye da bwat alarm pkol :

dye bwat 4 alarms..
unfortunately... ble dye bangon.. jam tlh mnunjokn pkol 6.55.

[nangis icon]

why is it always like dis huh? i can sleep anywhere, anytime i want~ but bangon? oh no bebeh, so susah~
time skolah dulu...

cam da pjg sgt jek, ak post blog baru lak ah, cte psal skolah dlu noh~

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