Tuesday, July 20, 2010

let's get married *smiling*

i was listening to MR X's lecture, but unable to concentrate on his words, instead of jotting down the key words for some notes from the slides shown, i end up enjoying my mass lecture by sketching this proposal:)

idea : quit diploma. find a man. get married. live happily ever after

reality :

1) quit diploma
well that means say hai to THE SPM GRADUATES ANAK DARA CLUB. the members have nothing except spm certificate for their future, which lead them to jobs with the salary of less than RM 1,000.
aduihhhh.... cemmana nak beli mini cooper nih??!!!!!

find a man
a girl with only spm certificate, not a beauty, who have no expression while talking, barely giving any respond, slow in walking, unable to run (she actually hates running, not that she cant run, tipoo la tu), saying her nasik goreng telur with kicap, chilli and kacang buncis is the best meal on earth, always thingking about sleeping and relaxing all the time, who doesn't have money except for her jpa scholar (which is no longer valid since she quit studying)
and how on earth that perticular girl can find a man when she has
no beauty, no brain, no money, no fit body~~
in her case, finding a man is just a dream
get married
next, get married. obviously it's not going to happen!
i can't be a bride without a groom
live happily ever after
now, the idea of getting married is invalid
nak fikir ape lagi..

a reminder to myself: getting married is not easy. even though it sounds fun:)

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