Monday, January 4, 2010

hari pertama

i just scanned some of my friend's blog.. some of em busy reminding themselves about exam's coming, by phone pulak, some of em text me saying i should go back to shah alam this week n hang out wif em[since diorang baru setat cuti la kan~]

hmm.. n me, i just ended my first day as a 2nd sem dip pharmacy student.

my first class for today was math. nothing much, i prefer my 1st lecturer dats all. [she was madam muniroh]

second was chemistry. he's a chinese, mr lim. mr lim's nice .. just some language issue dats all. he speaks english wif his chinese accent, so its kinda hard 2 'interprate'. other than dat is the subject is 2 times harder n i miss my 1st chem lecturer more. [madam norain]

third was bel class, she's cool. we did have some ice breaking session [compared wif 2 classes earlier.. haha, dis one's beter kot]
but i still miss my 1st lecturer, miss syakira.

conclusionnye ape? saya sayang dan rindu lecturer sem 1 saya!

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