Sunday, September 30, 2012

azi jea jee azira azizah ajiah jiyah nuraziah


Just came back from saying may last goodbye to azi. She's going to leave Malaysia REAL SOON!!! :'(

Last night as I sat on my chair looking straight into the mirror listening to the soft quiet dark night, the memories of yesterdays came. I began to remember all the moments, sweet sour funny bitter, everything. She was there for me, always. And tomorrow she is going to leave Malaysia to further her study..

It's not like we're never going to meet again, or her new place might not have wifi or what not, yes we can still keep in touch, talk through fb/twitter/skype and such. But I don't know.. I just feel sad.. Maybe because deep inside I know that it's not going to be the same, I'm not going to be able to call her exactly anytime anywhere, or maybe I can feel like both of us are going to be busy, degree level is different, and she's taking dentistry, she's going to be far busier. I don't know, I just feel sad.

Couple of days ago, we (the friends, azi was not included) meet up in Jusco Bukit Raja and decided to buy something for her. We decided to give her one great gift, that she's going to take it with her, that she's going to LOVE it sooo much she'll cry every time seeing it. cewah over sikit ayat. then i remembered something. she had once told me that she wanted a Polaroid. so we bought one for her. untung dia dapat kawan macam kami kan :) one cute pinky Polaroid for a sweet sweet Azi hihi :)

And then we wrote something on a small paper each, one last wish.. I didn't know what to say. so i postponed my writing.. Until saturday's morning. As I wrote my last wish, I doodled something for her.  Wrote my last words and.. I don't know, I could feel this sad feeling, the feeling that I... I was sad. Actually I was about to cry badly tapi sebab Jah ada kat tepi tengah belajar kimia, aku kawal lah perasaan jap. hehe

On afternoon, we visited her house. makan2, gelak2 as usual. Not everyone, but majority of our ex-classmates was there. I love that feeling, the 'gathering' feeling. when we didn't meet up for quite a long time, and when we meet again, that feeling is such a good feeling ;') and while everyone was chit chatting yada yada, I saw Azi's phone and I took it. I took some pictures using her phone, biar nanti dia tengok balik phone dia ni, dia menangis sebab rindu dengan kawan kawan hahaha :D and then while I was using her phone, I realized that she used picture of me and her as her lock screen wallpaper. I had once gave her a book, book that was filled with our photos, with our memories. she took a picture of one of the photos inside that book, and used it as her lock screen wallpaper. terharunye :')

ala nak menangis lah T__T

And then later that night we meet again to listened to dr zakir naik's speech. with dr zakir's thick accent, sitting next to each other. kalau ada perkataan yang x clear, tanya sama sendiri hihi.

And then we got too hungry, after 2nd question in Q n A session, we stood up and walked straight to the exit door. Beger Bakar. That was what we aimed.

But maybe it was not our luck, the Beger Bakar located near stadium shah alam was not opened (bola malam tu, jam gila bak ang) so we stopped at any restaurant nearby, Azi was damned hungry (nak drive pun x mampu haha) and we end up eating in Zainal's restaurant. Zainal, the famous Malaysian footballer tu :)

We ate tomyam campur, telur dadar, sayur campur, nasik putih n teh ais. our last moment, our same favorite meal :)

And then all of them, jah, kn, ella, teha. they were all agreed to sleep over with azi. they asked me to join. but I refused. I don't know why. biarlah. sedihlah..

I had a great time today. Azi, all the best for everything. May Allah always be with you, may Allah ease everything, may you found a great life, may you always be happy, may you live with people who love you lillahi, may you be a great muslimah , may you always n always found peace in everything. I love you lillahi, till we meet again in future, in your reception of wedding maybe? with your own ustaz din? hihihi~

thank you for everything, n sorry sorry for every other things. hope to see you soon. kita belajar betul2 hebat2 nanti dah berjaya kita jumpa lagi, time meeting mak mak, bincang pasal anak anak. bhahahaha~

love you lillahi, till Jannah :')

goodbye, assalamualaikum.

(aku nak update pasal talk zakir naik sebenarnya, tapi dalam hati aku ni meronta ronta rasa sedih kawan aku nak pergi egypt. bila jumpa gelaaaaaakkk je, dah tak jumpe sedih. sebab aku taknak kongsi sedih aku melalui percakapan, ye la nanti kalau dah bercerita kang menangis, so aku tulis la kat sini. dulu time abes dip sume kawan aku mnangis, tp aku rasa aku xla mnangis mcm diorang. sbb aku tau boleh contact, meet up lagi, so xla sedih sangat. ni azi dah nak fly, nak meet up susah. aku sedih :( so entry kali ni tulis je. kbai)

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