Tuesday, June 12, 2012

coming soon :)

coming soon :)


I'm so excited! 

But we are still working on it, both Azi and I, so may Allah ease everything, ameen2 :)

so here's how everything started

since we didn't apply for any part time jobs

we were gossiping about stuffs and yada2 sambil2 masak, sapu sampah, basuh pinggan, n jemur kain (like normal suri rumah did) and sometimes when skype is not enough, I even called her, tm to tm free lah kan, theheee

and one day Azi was like "jomlah"

and I was like "why not?"

we started to plan for a business

bla bla bla

and just now, our first items arrived! hooray! alhamdulillah :)

thanks to kak cha, our supplier is somehow related to her, 

and thanks to our kindhearted supplier, she decided to send the items straight to my house, alhamdulillah :) jimat duit postage, hehe

I'm so excited, I'm done with 7 designs for our brand name

and many more to come insyaAllah :)

surprisingly i got my first costumer within an hour

n she bought two!! masyaAllah :)

and somehow, she too feel the excitement, she decided to sell others tomorrow~

alhamdulillah :)

she's actually cikgu jamilah, hihi

cikgu jamilah is so supportive, mane la nak dapat mak macam ni ;') i love u cikgu jam! u rocks! ewah~

so I labelled everything, the price and jenis kain..

cikgu jamilah said, if there's no label, she's not going to bring it to school tomorrow

okey mak, anything for you :)

we are still working to increase the numbers and varieties of items

and still working on the modelling part, so pictures of items will be uploaded soon, soon! everything will be uploaded in our facebook page. 

when everything's ready, I'll give you our facebook link, so support us okey!

owh, we're selling muslimah attire such as hijabs, abayas, and everything that is beautiful, modest and elegance :) 


may Allah ease, ameen :)

wasalam :)

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