Friday, March 18, 2011

my baby naim naufal


tak susah pun jaga dia.. comell jea, x merengek nangis2 pun,

meet baby naim naufal : )

comel kan?

baby naim is only seven days old.

tengok dia dah pandai angkat kaki, nak main football : )

baby naim looooooooves chocolate drinks ^^
naim grow up and be a good person arachi : )

okii naim done with the drink, come poo poo pulak...

baby naim is soooo cute ^^

*hahaha. in case u wish to have your own adopted baby, use app Baby Adopter on facebook, nanti you can be my neighbor n take care of my baby naim if im not around, i can take care of yours too in case you're bz ke hape kan. let's help each other in rising our cutey baby ^^
*haha berangan. lagi ^^'

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